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CatmaranRx is now OptumRX

Oct 19, 2015

Catamaran is now OptumRx: Here’s what you need to know

OptumRx® and Catamaran® joined forces to deliver enhanced pharmacy coverage and a better experience for members.

Your prescription claims will continue to be processed quickly and accurately, and your pharmacy benefits will not change. Read the frequently asked questions below for more details about the combined company, known as OptumRx, and what it means for you.

Will I receive a new ID card?

No. You will continue to use your current ID card. The information that pharmacies use to process and fill your prescriptions will not change.

Can I continue to go to the same pharmacy?

You can continue to visit the same network pharmacy you already use. If there are any changes to the network in the future, we will notify you.

Will my benefits change?

No. Your plan design will remain the same in 2016. Any changes to your prescription drug coverage are determined by your Retirement System and are unrelated to the combination of OptumRx and Catamaran.  

Can I still order my current prescriptions from home delivery?

Yes, your current home delivery prescriptions will continue to be filled through the same convenient mail order pharmacy you use today. You will continue to place new orders and refill home delivery orders in the same way you do today.

Can I still view my prescription information online?

You will continue to use to view and manage your prescription information at this time. If you’ve already registered for the member site, your login information will not change. You can use the information on your current pharmacy ID card to register if you are a new user.