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MEA-Retired PAC Program

Nov 04, 2015

A strength of the MEA’s PAC program is that 40 percent of a member’s contribution goes back to their coordinating council’s PAC to invest in races important to the locals.  However, that strength has instead been a common question for MEA-Retired members – where does my 40 percent go?

The answer has been, since MEA-Retired members are no longer part of an MEA coordinating council, all that money stayed with the state-level MEA-PAC.

Not anymore.

MEA has established a new system where 40 percent of the annual total that an MEA-Retired member contributes will be credited back to the coordinating council PAC for the local association of their choosing.  It could be where you worked.  Or it could be where you live now.  Or you can choose nothing and the full amount stays at the state-level.  The choice is yours – and making the choice is simple:

  • For new contributions, simply write the name of your chosen local association on the envelope where it says “Local”.  MEA will enter that information in our system and use it to credit your contributions for the year to the appropriate coordinating council.
  • For contributions you’ve already made in 2015, just send an email to by December 18 with your name, address and which local association you want credited. We’ll go into the system and note your choice – it will apply to all your contributions for this past year.

You only need to make a selection once – if you never write a local on a PAC envelope again, your decision will be permanent and implemented every year without you needing to think about it.  If you ever change your mind, just write a new local association on your next PAC envelope and we’ll change it.  But you can only choose one local to credit per year, so whatever your last entry for the calendar year is, that’s who’ll get the 40 percent.

Thank you for your continued commitment to MEA-PAC!  Doug Pratt, MEA Public Affairs Director