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Action on SB 279 and 280 expected Tuesday

Nov 10, 2015

UPDATE:  Senate Bill 280 passed the Senate Tuesday afternoon by a vote of 20-17. Senate Bill 279 passed by a vote of 25-12.

You'll recall these bills were introduced in the Senate this summer, votes in the Senate were not forthcoming due to lack of support.  Senate leadership is planning on running them again tomorrow.

SB 279 is the bill that would not allow district's to provide MPSERS credit to released members regardless of whether it's reimbursed to the district.  The Senate Fiscal Agency had estimated the cost of this to the state would be approximately $900,000 due to the loss in funding.

SB 280 would prohibit district from bargaining any association release time for any purpose unless the cost is reimbursed to the district by the local association..