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Retired teachers can return to the classroom without loss of pension benefits

Dec 14, 2015

HB 4059--the bill that would allow certain retired teachers to return to the classroom without risking their pension--is on its way to Gov. Snyder for his signature. The bill continues until 2018 the provisions of a similar 2012 law that expired last year.

Under the bill, retirees hired in critical shortage areas could work three years without affecting their retirement benefits. However, retirees can't use the time or money earned to recalculate their retirement benefits.

HB 4059 also applies to those who retired between June 30, 2010 and Sept. 1, 2015 and wish to return to work as substitutes, instructional coaches, or school improvement facilitators. They could receive full benefits as long as they don't earn more than one-third of their final average compensation in a year.  Read More.