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Broader Implications of Snyder's DPS and Education Proposals Under MEA Review

Jan 21, 2016

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When Gov. Rick Snyder shifted away from the Flint water crisis in Tuesday’s State of the State address, he pivoted to other issues of significance to educators. He announced the formation of a Commission for 21st Century Education to examine structure, governance, and funding of education in the state. 
“We have a 19th-century education system in the 21st century,” Snyder said in his speech. “It’s time to ask ourselves why.”
MEA Director of Public Affairs Doug Pratt offered this answer: “Governor Snyder, instead of another education commission, ask front-line educators what schools and students need. They'll tell you.” 
In addition to the commission, Snyder urged lawmakers to act on his proposals to address the financial crisis in Detroit Public Schools, which includes a plan to divide DPS in two. The old district would serve only to pay off debt, while the new district would handle K-12 operations.
MEA lobbyists are analyzing two Senate bills related to DPS with potentially larger implications for school employees. The bills introduced last week, Senate Bills 710 and 711, have raised concerns among MEA and American Federation of Teachers Michigan lobbyists in previous drafts that would open the door to privatization of instructional staff, with potentially large implications for the state retirement fund.