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2016 Verification of Coverage Coming Soon

May 04, 2016

The Office of Retirement Services reports that members who have Blue Cross Blue Shield will be receiving the Verification of Coverage form sometime in May. This form must be completed for yourself and anyone else covered by your retirement system health plan. You must respond to the survey even if you do not have other coverage. If you do not respond, your retirement system medical and prescription coverage will be canceled.

The Verification of Coverage survey asks you to identify any other health coverage you or your dependents might have in addition to your retirement system coverage. The information you provide is used to coordinate your coverage with other plans. The coordination helps to insure that you are using all of your coverage in the right combination and that each of your health plans share the cost of your health care appropriately. Watch for your Verification of Coverage in the mail. This ONLY applies to members who have Cross/Blue Shield.