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Nov 10, 2014

On January 1, 2015, your mail-order prescription provider will change from Express Scripts to Catamaran Home Delivery.

What are the benefits of home delivery?

Home delivery can save you time and money. A 90-day extended supply usually costs less than a 30-day supply at a retail pharmacy and you can save time by visiting your local pharmacy less. You can also order refills quickly online or on your smartphone through  the Catamaran mobile app.

Delivery is free and your prescriptions are safe. If your prescription requires special handling, like refrigeration, Catamaran Home Delivery will pack your medication  and ship accordingly, at no extra cost to you.

What if I already use Express Scripts mail order?

If you already use home delivery services through  Express Scripts, we will help you have a smooth transition. Most (but not all) prescriptions will be automatically transferred to Catamaran Home Delivery after January 1, 2015. You will receive detailed information mailed directly to your home with exact instructions on what steps you will need to take.

How do I enroll in Catamaran Home Delivery?

You can pre-register in Catamaran Home Delivery starting now. To enroll or learn more about the program, visit . You can also enroll by calling Catamaran Member Services at 1-855-577-6517. You will need  to provide your member ID located  on your pharmacy ID card to register for the first time. (BCBS Fall 2014 Best of Health)