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Your Lame Duck Lobbying Has Paid Off

Dec 13, 2016

It required unflinching, sustained action by MEA leaders, members, retirees, and staff, but we pulled school employee pensions out of the Republican leadership’s line of fire in lame duck. Our efforts also helped to halt a tax change that would have taken $425 million from the School Aid Fund.  

Those fights are not over, and we will have to remain vigilant as a new Legislature is seated in January.  

But take a moment to appreciate the victories. They were hard fought and won. 

Things happen quickly during the abbreviated legislative session known as lame duck, and December is a busy time of year for everyone – especially school employees. But we stepped up in large numbers to make phone calls, send emails, and lobby lawmakers in person. 

From MEA Executive Director Gretchen Dsiadosz: “We generated tens of thousands of legislator contacts. MEA-Retired, as always, was there for us. Our lobbyists worked tirelessly with their counter-parts with AFT Michigan and the various school associations. Our Labor Economist put together an absolutely essential district-by-district analysis that was a critical factor in convincing many legislators the costs were too high. Our communications staff cranked out great communications in a constantly changing environment.

Our efforts succeeded and we should take a moment to celebrate.  I am so proud of the MEA's work on behalf of our members and their students.  

“The next time someone asks you what MEA does for them, point to this. Ask them what would have happened with these bills if MEA did not exist.

“These are hard, hard times---but this is what we do. We keep fighting for our members and their students!  Thank you all!”