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Take a Moment to Thank Lawmakers Who Listened

Dec 13, 2016

We know the fight over school employee pensions is not over, so take a moment to thank the lawmakers who’ve stood on our side so far – and ask them to continue holding the line against ill-advised “fixes” to a system that isn’t broken. 

Many lawmakers responded to the flood of calls from constituents by holding fast against Republican leaders who had called school employee pension changes a top priority for the lame duck legislative session – despite billions of dollars in projected costs over the next five years and beyond. 

The list of senators who declined to support rushed lame duck pension changes includes every Senate Democrat and the following Republicans:

  • Mike Nofs 
  • Marty Knollenberg 
  • Margaret O'Brien
  • Tom Casperson
  • Wayne Schmidt 
  • Tory Rocca
  • Ken Horn
  • Goeff Hansen
  • Dale Zorn

Please take a moment to reach our and thank all state Democratic senators and the Republicans who listened to your concerns by clicking on the Contact Your Legislator (tab on the left).