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Stop the Pension Attack

May 10, 2017

Republican legislative leaders want to close the school employee pension system to new hires.  We need to take action today to stop this from happening – not only to help new hires to protect our own retirement security.

Closing off new employees to the current hybrid retirement system would:

  • Cost billions of extra dollars over the coming years;
  • Leave dedicated educators without a secure retirement; and
  • Worsen the growing educator shortage.

As a retiree, while your pension is guaranteed in the state constitution, these changes could still jeopardize your retirement.  If the state doesn’t have enough money to pay for these massive new costs, where will the money come from to pay pensions for current retirees and employees? 

That’s why we need to keep the current hybrid system for new hires in place – because it’s working to provide benefits and pay down debt.

Please contact your State Senator and State Representative today!  Urge them to vote against this latest pension threat.

Go to  to send an email or make a phone call!