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BREAKING: Senate to consider bills allowing concealed guns in schools

Nov 07, 2017

Yesterday evening, we received word that the State Senate would be considering a package of bills this week that would allow concealed weapons in gun-free zones like schools or churches.
MEA strongly opposes this legislation for the safety of students and school employees alike, and has been part of a coalition fighting similar legislation for several years. 
The answer to gun violence is not more guns in schools – in fact, it’s a recipe for disaster.  Making it legal to conceal a pistol in a preschool is a tragedy waiting to happen, regardless of the training concealed weapon holders undergo. 
Instead of these bills, the Legislature should simply close the controversial legal loophole allowing open-carry of guns in schools and make gun-free zones truly gun free.
Call your State Senator TODAY and urge them to vote NO on SBs 584-586.  Tell your Senator that – as an educator – you want fewer guns in school, not more.  We’re hearing the Senate plans to rush this legislation through before the hunting break, so urgent action is needed.