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State to Appeal Ruling Granting Additional Interest from 3% Case

Aug 28, 2018

According to court paperwork, the state will appeal a recent ruling that education employees were owed additional interest on the 3 percent of their salary illegally withheld from them from 2010-12.

This is the latest delay in justice regarding the 3 percent case, which public education employees won last year at the Supreme Court which unanimously upheld the decision after a seven-year legal fight. Last month, the Court of Claims ruled that education employees who had their 3 percent returned to them were owed more interest under Michigan law than the meager amount actually given to them.

Attorney General Bill Schuette fought the request for additional interest that was filed with the Court of Claims earlier this year. However, lawyers from the Dykema firm filed the latest appeal paperwork — they represented the state and Gov. Rick Snyder when Schuette declined to appeal the final round in the original case (at a cost to taxpayers of more than $380,000).

“Gov. Snyder and Attorney General Schuette shouldn’t even contemplate appealing this ruling and must expedite payment of money owed to the hard-working school employees of our state,” said MEA President Paula Herbart in a press release with other union leaders urging the state to not appeal this recent victory for educators.

MEA will continue to work with other unions to fight this latest appeal and get education employees the money you are owed from the state