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MEA Board Votes to Support Four Ballot Measures

Sep 05, 2018

At their last meeting, MEA’s Board of Directors voted to support four of the ballot measures that should appear on the November ballot and recommend that our members and other supporters of public education vote YES on these proposals. 

Here is what MEA President Paula Herbart had to say about the four ballot measures that MEA is supporting:  

Voters Not Politicians – Redistricting Reform:

“MEA is proud to support Proposal 2, the grassroots campaign started by Voters Not Politicians to end partisan gerrymandering in Michigan. Right now, politicians and lobbyists draw voting maps that directly benefit themselves, diminishing the voice of voters in protecting the interests of our communities. Proposal 2 will bring the redistricting process out into the open to create a transparent, nonpartisan, and citizen-driven Independent Citizens Redistricting Commission. That way, our elected officials will be more accountable to us – the voters. Proposal 2 is an important first step in fixing some of our state’s most pressing issues.”

One Fair Wage – Minimum Wage Increase:

“We support having one fair wage for workers – a wage that’s enough for them to meet the needs of their families. This proposal to raise the minimum wage to $12 an hour will help more than 1.1 million low wage workers in Michigan, many of whom help educate Michigan students. Too many school support staff and others in the education field earn at or near minimum wage – this measure will raise compensation for dedicated education professionals while helping to recruit and retain the best and brightest in these positions.”

MI Time To Care – Earned Paid Sick Time:

“We are proud to recommend a YES vote on the earned paid sick time proposal. Nearly 2 million Michiganders don’t have access to earned paid sick time, forcing them to make difficult choices when they or their child are ill. Our members often see the effects of the problem first-hand – witnessing students who attend school sick and possibly infecting other students and educators. We can do better and join other states who have already passed earned paid sick time.” 

Promote the Vote – Voting Reforms:

“As educators, we understand the importance of having a secure voting system that works for all citizens. We support Promote the Vote because it’s a common sense approach to improving our voting process while increasing security around our elections.  We talk to our students about the fundamentals of democracy – participation and integrity – and this measure will improve both when it comes to Michigan’s voting systems and rights.”