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Action Requested from NEA President, Lily Eskelsen García

Oct 28, 2019

Can you imagine how much damage would occur if Betsy DeVos spent the rest of her life ruling on federal court cases? 
Well, an important vote is about to take place on whether Betsy DeVos’s right-hand man and architect of most of her disastrous policies gets a lifetime appointment on the federal court of appeals.
Just like Betsy DeVos, Steven Menashi has a record steeped in protecting corporations over the interests of students and educators. He has:

  • Authorized using federal funds to arm teachers with guns;
  • Fought to prevent loan forgiveness for students who were defrauded by for-profit colleges; 
  • Wrote the regulation that rolled back Title IX protections, making it harder for schools to protect students from sexual harassment and violence;. 
  • Oversaw the weakening of protections for LGBTQ students and students with disabilities;
  • Worked with Stephen Miller to craft immigration policies that have abused immigrant children and terrified students and families throughout the country; 

A key Senate committee is expected to vote on Menashi’s nomination as early as next week and the full Senate vote could come quickly after that. The vote is razor thin. Republican and Democratic senators have already expressed bipartisan opposition, but we need more votes to reject his nomination.  
Federal judges should apply laws fairly and justly. Extremists and haters need not apply.
For our students,
Lily Eskelsen García
National Education Association