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NEA/MEA-Retired PAC Drive

Nov 25, 2019

To MEA/NEA-Retired Lifetime Members Only:

Did you receive your Michigan Retirement Report with a NEA/MEA PAC envelope? NEA/MEA-Retired PAC donations are easy to make. Members can choose to use the PAC envelope or go online Donations can be one time or continuing. The dollar amount is up to each member as well as whether a member wishes to donate to NEA, MEA, or both.

NEA/MEA-Retired members historically have turned out and supported MEA/NEA in the fight to protect public schools and public school retirees. It will be vital once again for NEA/MEA-Retired members to step up to the plate and support pro-public education candidates and issues the 2020 elections.

Can NEA/MEA-Retired count on you for a PAC donation? NEA/MEA-Retired wants to remind members to vote for pro-public education candidates and issues during the 2020 elections either in person or by absentee ballot.

Thank you for supporting Public Education and Public School Retirees. It is greatly appreciated.

Jeanne Hansen
NEA/MEA-Retired PAC Captain