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“Get 10 for Public Ed”

Aug 12, 2020

“Get 10 for Public Ed”

We must elect a new President of the United States if we want to save our democracy and public education.  89.63% of the NEA RA delegates endorsed Joe Biden for President.  Now we must Get Out The Vote (GOTV) in every state!

Some are hinting that Donald Trump will not abide by the results of the election, and we need to make it a landslide in favor of Joe Biden to ensure that there is no question about who is the winner of the November 3, 2020 election.

Many of you are in states where there is a Senator up for election.  In those states it is also imperative that we get the vote out for a public education candidate. By the way, we could certainly use a new Secretary of Education, one that is Pro-Public Education.

Several of NEA’s Retired members, led by NEA Retired Board members, have launched a new program to help encourage people to participate in the 2020 election.  We are asking each person to contact ten (10) people and make sure they vote to support Public Education with our “Get 10 for Public Ed” project.  Then we ask that each of them also reach out to ten (10) people who will make the same commitment.

Our objective is to reach as many people as possible and make the change in the White House a reality.

Are you planning to vote, and will you participate in this program?

If the answer is YES, which we hope it will be, then please contact us, and we will work with you in achieving this goal of getting thousands of people to VOTE in this election and making it a landslide victory for everyone in PUBLIC EDUCATION.

Committee to “Get 10 for Public Ed”

Barb Schram, Marilyn Warner, Joann Smith-Mashburn, Frank Roder, Brenda McGown, Linda McCrary, Bob Hoffmann, Elaine Miller, Mae Smith, Anita Gibson, Sarah Borgman

Contact: Barb Schram or Marilyn Warner at    get<>>