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Online Tool Supports Monitoring/Tracking Absentee Voters

Sep 03, 2020

MEA-Retired is excited to introduce you to<>.  This easy to use online tool will allow you and all MEA-R members to monitor and track the absentee ballot status of you and your members.  Using this tool you can apply to VOTE FROM HOME and track the status of absentee applications and ballots.  You can send this link to your members for their use while you promote and persuade them to vote for MEA Recommended Candidates<<>>.   As a reminder, a ballot has to be turned into your local clerk by 8:00p m on November 3rd to be counted.  The site also provides a comprehensive list of city clerk drop boxes which are extra important this year due to the slowdowns with USPS.

First ballots will be mailed beginning September 24th so apply to VOTE FROM HOME today.