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MEA-Retired Get Out the Vote Presentation

Oct 15, 2020

In 2019 NEA-Retired President, Sarah Borgman, organized an NEA-Retired State PAC Captain Team.  MEA-Retired President, Kay Thelma-Walker, appointed Jeanne Hansen to represent MEA-Retired.

The NEA-Retired State PAC Captain Team’s objective is to get NEA-Retired members to elect Pro Public Education candidates. The State PAC Captains’ directive is two fold.  The first, to increase Retired PAC donations through personal contact, emphasizing contact with members who have not given recently.  Second, to get NEA-Retired members to vote.  To carry out these directives, each State Retired PAC Captain organized and developed plans to achieve the goal of electing Pro Public Education candidates for their State.

Late in 2019 and early 2020, the MEA-Retired PAC Team launched a PAC fund raising campaign.  The PAC campaign requested local presidents to ask their members make calls to MEA-Lifetime members within their county or general local. 

In early October, 2020, a Get Out The Vote power point presentation via zoom was presented to local presidents, MEA-Retired Officers, Board, LPIC, & MEA/NEA-Retired Delegates to share with their members.   The Get Out The Vote power point presentation was recorded and retired members are encouraged to view it at their convenience by contacting Lisa Fox, MEA Retired, at            .

The Get Out The Vote power point presentation will provide information to retired members on registering, voting in-person, absentee voting procedures, donating to PAC, where to access NEA/MEA-Retired candidate recommendations, and resources on voting, etc. using a light hearted baseball game format.  Go to the Get Out the Vote Presentation

Audio of Zoom Meeting

Jeanne Hansen

MEA-Retired PAC Captain