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A message from MEA-Retired President Kay Walker Telma

Dec 09, 2020

Good morning, MEA-Retired Friends, 

Happy Wednesday from Traverse City, where we're still waiting for some real snow; According to one of our TV meteorologists who shared this information this morning, Traverse City had 35 inches of snow at this point in December last year, which is 10 times the amount recorded yesterday. When I type that, I am ALSO aware that I need to be careful about that for which I may wish. I haven't used a snow shovel since March, and I need to retrain myself to use it as I do every winter.

I hope this note finds you happy, healthy and safe. These are, indeed, challenging times, and while we're all adjusting, especially during the holiday season when we usually connect with family, I know I'm very fortunate not worrying how I might pay my bills or get my next meal.  Early last week, I reluctantly cancelled my airline ticket to fly to see my sisters and families in Tennessee because of COVID. Thank goodness for Zoom.

I am writing to let you know that I have planned a mid-month issue of the monthly MEA-Retired Tribune for a few reasons, one of them being that I realized, sadly, that I had not properly recognized some individuals who worked hard to elect pro-public education candidates and get the vote out in the November election. While I did so with a few of our members in the issue last week, I know that I was remiss in not thanking others, who were, and are, busy making a difference. In some cases, I know about the work done by members and inadvertently forgot to include them while in others, I am not aware of the work that has been done.

As part of the mid-month issue, I want to make sure that unsung heroes of the election are recognized, appreciated and thanked for their efforts. 

We had some tremendous victories last month, and they could not have happened without the work of many of our members.  I want to make sure that members receive credit where credit is due!

Please drop me an email (at about what you (and/or other members) have done by the end of this coming weekend so that we can give you the recognition you deserve, just in time for the mid-month special edition of the MEA-Retired Tribune. We have some interesting and inspiring stories waiting to be shared.

I look forward to hearing about and sharing more of the incredible work done by our members on behalf of pro-public education candidates at every level.

Take care, and thank you again!



Kay Walker Telma, President