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Blue Cross Blue Shield PHONE SCAM ALERT

Jan 28, 2021

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan has shared the information below with ORS regarding a phone scam. Even though Blue Cross does not have the PPO pharmacy business, this does impact BCN members. Blue Cross has also posted an article on their blog. The ORS call center is aware of the scam in case we receive any questions. Please feel free to pass this information on to your members as you wish. Suspicious calls can be reported to Blue Cross's fraud hotline at 1-844-STOP-FWA (786-7392).

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan and Blue Care Network are warning members of new phone scams in which callers attempt to obtain personal or health insurance information.

Since mid-December 2020, many members have reported receiving calls in which people attempt to obtain this information. The fraudulent callers claim they are from a pharmacy network representing Blue Cross or another health plan, and then they offer to mail over-the-counter vitamins, medicine and ointments to a member’s home at no cost.

These phone calls are not part of a Blue Cross or BCN program. They appear to be malicious or fraudulent attempts to gain personal information or health insurance ID numbers to bill for high-cost medication and supplies.

If members receive calls asking for personal and health insurance information, they should hang up immediately.