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MEA and NEA statement

Dec 08, 2021

Dear MEA-Retired Friends,


After last week's horrific tragedy at Oxford High School, many of us have wondered how we can help those affected.

***Both MEA President Paula Herbart and NEA President Becky Pringle released a joint statement last week:


***In addition, President Herbart recorded a statement posted on YouTube.


***At Friday's MEA Board of Directors meeting, we heard from MEA Mid-Eastern Zone Director Kevin Marvin regarding the countless helpful resources that MEA is providing to those affected. In addition to grief counseling by trauma-certified professionals off-site (a much more comfortable option for most), Marvin also mentioned assistance from additional MEA personnel and MESSA among the support opportunities being provided by MEA. "We pledge to be in it for the long run," he said. Marvin also mentioned that Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, "under the radar," attended a school staff meeting offering her condolences and support. "She was phenomenal," he added.

***If you are interested in making a donation to the Oxford Community and Memorial Victims Fund, you may click on the link below:

The link cautions people to be aware of fraudulent donation accounts and to direct all donations through Oxford Bank.

***Thanks to MEA-Retired member Ed Haynor for forwarding information regarding the Michigan Association of Administrators of Special Education (MASSE) initiative:

In the wake of this unspeakable tragedy, please keep those affected in your thoughts and hearts. We will keep you informed regarding any additional opportunities for support.

Thank you, and please stay healthy and safe.