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Mackinac Center proposes cutting education to fix potholes

Jun 02, 2015

The Mackinac Center has “stepped up” with its own road funding plan.

They propose most of the money come from "reducing expenditures on programs that offer little or no benefit to the typical Michigan taxpayer." The Mackinac Center includes education spending on K-12, community colleges and universities in those programs "offering little or no benefit." They recommend freezing the School Aid Fund and using the money for road repairs.

The Mackinac Center is ready to start their campaign to convince members to opt out of their MEA membership.  Don't  be fooled!  Not when it's the Mackinac Center suggesting we sacrifice students and a quality education for a pothole!

Whose best interests do you think they have at heart when they want to divert millions of dollars from schools to give to roads?